Bl. Margaret Pole

Blessed Margaret Pole (14 August 1473 – 28 May 1541), also known as Countess of Salisbury, was a prominent English noblewoman during the Tudor period. Born in 1473, she was a member of the Plantagenet dynasty, a family with a claim to the English throne. Margaret’s life was marked by political turmoil as she witnessed the rise and fall of various monarchs, including her cousin Henry VIII. Despite her loyalty to the crown, she fell out of favor and was accused of treason by Henry VIII’s government. Margaret was imprisoned in the Tower of London for years, enduring physical and psychological hardships. In 1541, at the age of 67, she was executed on trumped-up charges, becoming one of the last victims of Henry VIII’s reign. Margaret Pole was beatified by the Catholic Church in 1886, recognizing her as a martyr for her unwavering Catholic faith and her steadfast loyalty to her beliefs. Her life serves as a testament to the religious and political turmoil of the time, as well as the struggles faced by those who dared to oppose Henry VIII’s religious reforms.


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