Bl. Osanna Andreasi

Bl. Osanna Andreasi (17 January 1449 – 18 June 1505), also known as Osanna of Mantua, was an Italian mystic and Dominican tertiary who lived in the 15th century. Born into a noble family in Mantua, she dedicated her life to prayer, penance, and serving others. Osanna experienced mystical visions from a young age and was known for her deep contemplative life and extraordinary spiritual gifts. She had a profound devotion to the Passion of Christ and often entered into ecstasies while meditating on the sufferings of Jesus. Osanna also possessed the gift of prophecy and the ability to read hearts. She was sought after for her wise counsel and spiritual guidance. Despite facing physical ailments and spiritual trials, Osanna maintained a joyful disposition and radiated God’s love to those around her. Blessed Osanna Andreasi died in 1505 and was beatified by Pope Innocent XII in 1694. Her life serves as an inspiration to seek union with God through prayer, penance, and selfless love for others.


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