Bl. Ralph Corby

Blessed Ralph Corbie (25 March 1598 – 7 September 1644), was an English Catholic priest during a time of intense religious persecution in England. He trained for the priesthood in Douai, France, due to the restrictions on Catholic education in England. After his ordination, he returned to England and ministered to Catholics in secret, risking his life to provide sacraments and spiritual guidance. Blessed Ralph was eventually arrested and imprisoned for his religious activities. Despite being offered his freedom if he renounced his faith, he remained steadfast in his commitment to Catholicism. He was martyred on September 7, 1644, hanged for refusing to take the Oath of Allegiance to the English government, which denied the Pope’s authority. Blessed Ralph Corbie is remembered for his courage, dedication to his faith, and his sacrifice for the Catholic community during a challenging period in English history.


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