Our Lady of Perpetual Help

The painting titled “Our Mother of Perpetual Succour” is an icon of the Virgin Mary holding the child Jesus. It is a Byzantine-style icon believed to have originated in the 14th century and is widely venerated by the Catholic Church. The icon dates from 1325 and is believed to have originated from the Keras Kardiotissas Monastery; it has been in Rome since 1499. The painting depicts Mary with a sorrowful expression and angels on either side, holding symbols of Christ’s Passion. The child Jesus is shown clinging to His mother, with His feet visible in a playful gesture. The icon is known for its powerful intercessory role, especially in times of distress and suffering, hence the title “Perpetual Succour” which means continuous help or relief. It is believed to have miraculous powers, with numerous accounts of answered prayers and spiritual favors attributed to it. The icon has been copied and replicated in various forms and is particularly associated with the Redemptorists, a religious congregation that has promoted devotion to Our Mother of Perpetual Succour worldwide.


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