St. Alexius of Rome

Saint Alexius of Rome, also known as Saint Alexius the Man of God, lived during the 4th and 5th centuries. He was born into a wealthy Roman family but renounced his wealth and status to live a life of extreme humility and devotion to God. Alexius secretly left his home and lived as a beggar, caring for the poor and practicing acts of penance and prayer. He became known for his holiness and his ability to perform miracles. After many years of anonymous wandering, Alexius returned to Rome and was unrecognized by his family. He lived as a beggar near his childhood home until his death. Saint Alexius is venerated as a model of self-denial, humility, and detachment from worldly possessions. His feast day is celebrated on July 17th, and he is considered the patron saint of pilgrims and the homeless.


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