St. Amalburga of Mauberge

St. Amalberga of Maubeuge (died c. 690), also known as Saint Amalberga of Temse, was a 7th-century Belgian saint and abbess. She was born into a noble family and initially married to a nobleman, but after her husband’s death, she dedicated her life to God and became a nun. Amalberga founded the Abbey of Maubeuge, where she served as the abbess and guided a community of religious women. She was known for her holiness, deep prayer life, and her devotion to the poor and sick. Saint Amalberga is venerated as a patroness of the blind, and there are accounts of her performing miracles of healing. Her feast day is celebrated on July 10th, and she is remembered for her unwavering faith, charitable works, and her leadership in the monastic life. The Abbey of Maubeuge, which she founded, became a center of spiritual and intellectual growth under her guidance and remains a testament to her legacy.


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