St. Benno of Meissen

St. Benno of Meissen (c. 1010 – 16 June 1106), also known as Bishop Benno, was a 12th-century German bishop and patron saint of the city of Meissen. Born into a noble family, he dedicated himself to a life of piety and pursued studies in theology and canon law. Benno was appointed as the bishop of Meissen, where he worked diligently to promote the spiritual well-being of his flock and the growth of the Church. He focused on reforming the clergy, emphasizing the importance of discipline and holiness in their ministry. St. Benno was also deeply committed to social justice, advocating for the rights of the poor and marginalized. He played a significant role in the foundation and restoration of monasteries, promoting a life of prayer, scholarship, and service. St. Benno is venerated for his humility, pastoral care, and unwavering dedication to the faith. His relics continue to be venerated in the Cathedral of Meissen, and he is regarded as a powerful intercessor for the people of Meissen and all those who seek his assistance.


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