St. Cajetan of Tiene

St. Cajetan of Tiene (6 October 1480 – 7 August 1547), also known as Saint Gaetano, was an Italian Catholic priest and co-founder of the Theatines, a religious order focused on reform and service. St. Cajetan studied law and worked as a diplomat before experiencing a profound conversion that led him to become a priest. He devoted his life to preaching, ministering to the sick, and promoting charitable works. St. Cajetan was a reformer who sought to address the corruption and laxity within the Church, emphasizing the importance of clerical reform and holiness. He also played a significant role in the Council of Trent, advocating for doctrinal clarity and pastoral renewal. St. Cajetan’s feast day is celebrated on August 7th, and he is venerated as a patron saint of the unemployed, the sick, and those in need of divine providence. His life serves as an inspiration for Christians to live lives of holiness and service to God and others.


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