St. Edwin of Northumbria

St. Edwin of Northumbria (c. 586 – 12 October 633), was a significant figure in early Anglo-Saxon England. He is remembered as a Christian king and ruler of the Kingdom of Northumbria, one of the seven kingdoms of the Anglo-Saxon Heptarchy.

Edwin’s conversion to Christianity was a pivotal moment in his life. He was converted to Christianity, along with many of his subjects, by the efforts of the missionary St. Paulinus of York. Edwin’s reign was marked by relative peace and prosperity, and he worked to unify his kingdom. He also introduced laws that were favorable to his Christian subjects. St. Edwin met a tragic end, however, as he was killed in battle in 633 AD during a conflict with Penda of Mercia. Despite his short life, his conversion to Christianity and efforts to promote the faith left a lasting impact on the region, and he is venerated as a Christian martyr and a significant figure in the history of the early English Church. His feast day is celebrated on October 12th.


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