St. Elizabeth Of Portugal

St. Elizabeth of Portugal (1271 – 4 July 1336), also known as St. Elizabeth of Aragon, was a 13th-century monarch and Franciscan tertiary. She was born into a royal family and married King Denis of Portugal. Despite the challenges she faced in her marriage, Elizabeth remained committed to her faith and dedicated herself to acts of charity and justice. She founded hospitals, cared for the sick and the poor, and mediated disputes among nobles. Known for her piety and humility, Elizabeth lived a simple and prayerful life, often engaging in acts of personal penance. She was a devoted wife and mother, raising two children who would later become saints themselves. After her husband’s death, Elizabeth retired to a convent and continued her works of charity until her own passing. St. Elizabeth of Portugal is venerated as a model of Christian virtue, known for her selflessness, compassion, and deep faith in God. Her feast day is celebrated on July 4th, and she is considered the patroness of peace and reconciliation.


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