St. Eustace

St. Eustace, also known as Saint Eustachius, was a Christian martyr who lived during the 2nd century AD. He was a Roman general known for his valor and loyalty to the Emperor Trajan. However, his life took a dramatic turn when he encountered a miraculous vision while hunting in a forest. In this vision, he saw a crucifix between the antlers of a stag, and he heard a divine voice urging him to convert to Christianity.

Eustace and his family embraced Christianity, which ultimately led to their persecution under Trajan. They faced numerous trials and tribulations, including being cast into a red-hot bronze bull, but miraculously, they emerged unharmed. Eventually, they were all martyred, including Eustace, who was beheaded.

St. Eustace is remembered for his unwavering faith and the symbolism of the crucifix between the stag’s antlers, which has become an enduring emblem of his story. His feast day is celebrated on September 20th, and he is venerated as a symbol of Christian faith, conversion, and martyrdom.


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