St. Hyacinth

Saint Hyacinth (c. 1185 – 15 August 1257), also known as Saint Jacek or Saint Jacenty, was a Polish Dominican friar and missionary who lived in the 13th century. Born in Poland, he played a significant role in the spread of the Dominican Order throughout Eastern Europe. Hyacinth was a close associate of Saint Dominic and received the habit directly from him. He traveled extensively, establishing Dominican communities and promoting the Catholic faith in Poland, Bohemia, and Lithuania. Saint Hyacinth is credited with numerous miracles, including saving the Blessed Sacrament during a devastating fire in Kiev. He died in Krakow in 1257 and was canonized in 1594. His feast day is celebrated on August 17th, and he is venerated as a patron saint of Poland and Lithuania, known for his zeal for evangelization and his dedication to the poor and the sick.


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