St. John Of Capistrano

St. John of Capistrano (24 June 1386 – 23 October 1456), was a Franciscan friar, lawyer, and preacher who played a significant role in the Catholic Church during the 15th century. He is best known for his fiery sermons and his involvement in various missions and crusades against the Ottoman Turks, particularly during the Battle of Belgrade in 1456, where he inspired the Christian forces to victory. St. John was a zealous advocate for Church reform and worked to combat heresy, particularly the Hussites in Bohemia. His dedication to the Catholic faith earned him the nickname “the Soldier Saint” due to his tireless efforts in defending Christianity. He was canonized as a saint in 1690 and is celebrated for his commitment to the faith, his fearless defense of Christian values, and his contributions to the Church’s missionary efforts.


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