St. Julian of Antioch

St. Julian of Antioch (d. circa AD 305),variously distinguished as Julian the Martyr, Julian of Tarsus, Julian of Cilicia, and Julian of Anazarbus, was a 4th-century martyr and saint. Of senatorial rank, he was killed during the persecutions of Diocletian. He was subjected to terrible tortures, and paraded daily for a whole year through the various cities of Cilicia. He was then sewn up in a sack half-filled with scorpions, sand, and vipers, then cast into the sea. The waters carried his body to Alexandria, and he was buried there before his relics were translated to Antioch. Saint John Chrysostom preached a homily in Julian’s honor at Antioch, whose chief basilica was said to be the final resting place for Julian’s relics and was known in his honor.


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