St. Kevin of Glendalough

St. Kevin of Glendalough (c. 498 – 3 June 618) , also known as St. Coemgen, was an Irish saint who lived in the 6th century AD. He is revered as the founder and patron saint of the monastic settlement of Glendalough in County Wicklow, Ireland. Kevin was born into a noble family and displayed an early inclination towards the religious life. He became a hermit and retreated to a cave in Glendalough, where he lived a life of solitude, prayer, and asceticism. As his reputation grew, a community of followers gathered around him, and he established a monastic community known for its spirituality and learning. St. Kevin was known for his closeness to nature, with legends recounting his interactions with animals, particularly a blackbird that nested in his outstretched hand. His monastic rule emphasized a balance between prayer, manual labor, and study. St. Kevin’s spiritual wisdom attracted disciples and visitors from far and wide, and his reputation as a holy man continued to grow after his death.


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