St. Mary Magdalene

Saint Mary Magdalene, also known as Mary of Magdala, is a prominent figure in the New Testament and one of the closest followers of Jesus Christ. She was a witness to Jesus’ crucifixion, burial, and resurrection. Mary Magdalene is often identified as the woman from whom Jesus cast out seven demons, highlighting her deliverance and transformation by Christ’s grace. She played a significant role in early Christian history, being the first to encounter the risen Jesus and proclaim the good news of His resurrection to the disciples. Mary Magdalene is revered as the “Apostle to the Apostles” due to her pivotal role in spreading the Gospel message. She is known for her deep love and devotion to Jesus and her unwavering faith even in the face of great sorrow. Saint Mary Magdalene’s feast day is celebrated on July 22nd, and she is recognized as a model of repentance, faithfulness, and discipleship. Her life serves as an inspiration to seek Christ with fervor, to embrace His forgiveness, and to bear witness to His transformative power in our lives.


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