St. Methodius of Constantinople

St. Methodius of Constantinople (c. 800 – June 14 847), also known as Methodius I, was a Byzantine bishop and patriarch who lived in the 9th century AD. He played a significant role in the Byzantine Iconoclasm controversy, defending the veneration of icons as an integral part of Christian worship. Methodius served as the patriarch of Constantinople and led efforts to restore the veneration of icons following the period of iconoclastic persecution. He convened synods and wrote theological treatises defending the use of icons, emphasizing their role in conveying the mysteries of the faith. Methodius’ efforts contributed to the eventual triumph of the iconodules and the restoration of the icons in the Byzantine Empire. He also played a crucial role in diplomatic negotiations with the Carolingian Empire and sought to foster unity between the Eastern and Western branches of Christianity. St. Methodius is venerated as a saint in the Eastern Orthodox Church and Roman Catholic Church, and his contributions to the defense of icons and his efforts towards church unity continue to be celebrated.


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