St. Romulus of Fiesole

St. Romulus of Fiesole (died circa 90 AD), also known as Saint Romulus of Tuscany, was a Christian bishop who was a disciple of St. Peter. Born in Rome, he traveled to Fiesole, Italy, where he became the first bishop of the region. Saint Romulus is revered for his efforts in evangelization and his role in spreading Christianity throughout Tuscany. He worked diligently to establish churches and promote the faith, facing persecution and opposition from pagans. Saint Romulus was known for his ascetic lifestyle and fervent prayer life. He is said to have performed miracles, including healing the sick and driving out demons. His reputation for holiness and wisdom attracted many followers, and he became a revered figure in the local Christian community. Saint Romulus of Fiesole is venerated as a patron saint of Fiesole and is remembered for his unwavering faith, missionary zeal, and devotion to the Gospel.


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