St. Stanislaus the Martyr

St. Stanislaus of Szczepanów (26 July 1030 – 11 April 1079) was Bishop of Kraków known chiefly for having been martyred by the Polish king Bolesław II the Generous. Stanislaus’ major accomplishments included bringing papal legates to Poland, and reestablishment of a metropolitan see in Gniezno. The latter was a precondition for Duke Bolesław’s coronation as king, which took place in 1076. Stanislaus then encouraged King Bolesław to establish Benedictine monasteries to aid in the Christianization of Poland. St. Stanislaus came into conflict with King Bolesław over several different issues which St. Stanislaus had to rebuke the King for his immoral behavior. King Bolesław sent his men to execute Bishop Stanislaus but when they didn’t dare to touch the bishop, the King decided to kill the bishop himself. He is said to have slain Stanislaus while he was celebrating Mass in the Skałka outside the walls of Kraków.


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