St. Ursula

Saint Ursula, who is believed to have died on October 21, 238 AD, is a legendary Christian martyr venerated in the Catholic Church. She is often associated with the “Eleven Thousand Virgins,” a story that has historical and legendary elements. According to tradition, Ursula was a Christian princess who, along with a group of 11,000 virgins (in actuality it was most likely 11 virgins), set sail to visit her future husband in Britain. However, their ship was caught in a storm, and they landed in Cologne, Germany. There, they were martyred by the Huns when they refused to renounce their faith or marry the Huns. Saint Ursula is considered a symbol of purity, faith, and martyrdom, and she is often depicted leading a large group of virgins. She remains a venerated figure in Christian tradition, and her feast day is celebrated on October 21st. Saint Ursula’s story continues to inspire devotion and piety, especially among young women.


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