St. Willibald of Eichstatt

St. Willibald of Eichstatt (c. 700 – c. 787) was an 8th-century Anglo-Saxon missionary and bishop. Born into a noble family, he dedicated his life to spreading Christianity and evangelizing the Germanic regions. Willibald embarked on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land, where he visited sacred sites and encountered various hardships. Upon his return, he was ordained as a priest and later consecrated as the bishop of Eichstatt. As bishop, he worked tirelessly to establish churches, promote Christian education, and nurture the spiritual growth of his flock. St. Willibald is known for his piety, humility, and deep devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary. He is revered as a patron saint of travelers and pilgrims, as well as the diocese of Eichstatt. St. Willibald’s life and missionary efforts continue to inspire Christians to embrace the call of evangelization and to persevere in their faith journey, even in the face of challenges.


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